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Ramadan Mubarak
May Allah show His countless blessings on us in this great and pious month and forgive all our sins. May Allah protect us and guide us towards towards right path, ameen.



May Allah Save our Home Land Pakistan and have Mercy on Us!!!

O Allah! O Lord of the lofty heights. For the sake of your own, do thee honor of our beloved Prophet PBUH and please protect our homeland Pakistan. Please help us. Make it free from all kinds of immoralities. Bless it with ultimate Success and peace. Please remove the cloud of despassir and hopelessness. Contention that every bully, every mischievous than evil, the evil of every evil, from the evil of every devil, every unjust cruelty. O Allah! Please free us and save us and bless us with mutual love and affection Remove the troubles and worries. You know this land is made because of your name. Have mercy, O Most Merciful.  O the Lord of the Worlds. Save it and set up its flag till the end of the time.  Amen!!!


We protest against the disrespect of our beloved Prophet Muhammad صلّی الله عليہ وسلم and our Religion Islam...

Allah Almighty said O Muhammad we sent you mercy for whole mankind and how can you people disrespect the one who is a mercy even for you also. Remember, one day you will appear before God (The Creator) and you will answer for your deeds.


My personal website was launched.pak

Inaugurated by my Mother


********** August 09 2011 AD**********


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